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CREATE: Creativity, Flow, & Nature, Alice Leake, Visionary Creator

Create Series: Drawing Business Lessons from Art

Alice Leake is the visionary creative force behind This Wild Soul. With a background in elite sports, Alice has channeled her passion for adventure into captivating works that celebrate nature and holistic living. Her art is exhibited in galleries across the UK and featured on products worldwide, inviting others to embrace life's wild and magical moments. Alice joins us to discuss creativity found in nature, harnessing flow state in any environment, and the joy of exploring life off the beaten path.

Alice’s Website:

Pinterest: @ThisWildSoulAlice

Travel Instagram: @This.WildSoul Art Instagram: @ThisWild.Soul

*Special Event*

Tools Mentioned:
Trello - Task, team, tool, productivity

Miro - Visual workspace

Notion - Connected workspace: AI, wiki, calendar, projects, etc.

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In Her Company®
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